Key Objectives

The Riverside Community Association Limited has recently reviewed its Business Plan.

A new Plan is now in place for the next three years, 2016 – 2109.

We have three Key Objectives:

  1. To strengthen families and emable children and young people to achieve their potential;
  2. To deliver high quality services that meet identified social need within the local community;
  3. To share our expertise and good practice with other organisations and in other geographical areas.

We monitor our work regularly: Our Year 2014 & Our Year 2015.

In January 2016, we conducted our bi-annual Community Survey:

Community Survey p1Community Survey p2Community Survey p3





Community Survey p4Community Survey p5Community Survey p6





Community Survey p7





These were our results for our Social Media in 2015/2016:

Social Media 2015.2016 p1Social Media 2015.2016 p2Social Media 2015.2016 p3





Social Media 2015.2016 p4Social Media 2015.2016 p5