About Us



The Riverside Community Association Limited is a Registered Charity, number 1156422, and a Company Limited by Guarantee, 8555270.

The original Association was established in 1997 (charity number 1074810), to support and provide community activities, initially on Durand Close, Carshalton.

The work of the Association has grown and developed over the years and now includes direct delivery, through its own Projects, as well as supporting other local programmes and events.

In May 2012, the Association moved into a new Centre, on Culvers Avenue, after many years of hard work by local residents and the community as a whole.

The Association is proud of its local community involvement and is always looking for members of our community to get involved in whatever way you can.

In 2014, a new company, Riverside Community Association Limited, was formed.

Our Charity Commission details can be found here.

Our Company details can be found here.


A Management Committee, made up of a number of Directors/Trustees, local residents and other relevant professionals governs the organisation.

An AGM (Annual General Meeting) is held in the autumn, where our annual accounts are presented.

Our Annual Report is published for the AGM.

Management Committe members (as of 10 March 2017):

Mr Neil Frater (Trustee, Director,Vice Chair) – resigned January 2017

Mr Roger Mills (Trustee, Direcror) – appointed January 2017

Mrs Jacqui Procter (Trustee, Director) – resigned February 2016

Mrs Susan Stears (Trustee, Director, Chair)

Mr Stuart Thorne (Trustee, Director)

Mr Roger Thistle (Trustee, Director) – appointed December 2015

Updated March 2017